Video Shoot “Pulse Up” Veronica Hall

‘ With the world-renowned Mats Ljungberg behind the camera and animation wizard Rasmus Wimby on the drawing board the recording of Sipero music ltd recording artist Veronica Hall took place at moviestudio in Stockholm yesterday .A very creative day as it should be when several creative people get together and makes magic . A big thank to Mr Mats ljungberg and Rasmus Wimby as well … Continue reading Video Shoot “Pulse Up” Veronica Hall

Wishing on a Latin star

Sipero Music Ltd Recording Artist Nataly is currently in the studio completing masterpieces that will soon air and stream on a radio near you .I can´t stress enough how excited I am about this release that I truly believe will re-define how we see Latin Pop and create a new standard for other to follow . The future has never looked so bright #SalutHer Continue reading Wishing on a Latin star