What Happens when someone cares

just got new pictures from my brother in Liberia on Naomi that I wanted to share with you. You readers already know the background story of Naomi and the past few days, people, known and unknown called, emailed and offered to help in various ways. I want to say a big thank you to all the nice wonderful people who in different ways demonstrated why … Continue reading What Happens when someone cares

Saving Naomi

Do you remember Naomi’s story? The little 10-month baby who was left in the bush to her own after her mother had died of complications following childbirth .Here an update will .Naomi has now gained weight and is a spirited laughing baby in my family’s care. The pictures are from yesterday’s Skype conversation with my brother Nayersue Forgot that I also see in the screenshots … Continue reading Saving Naomi