A month in June

A massive thank you Mikael “Mike” Lundberg for these 6 incredible weeks in 4 houses Buchanan managing the electro-swap Project.You have been a great and invaluable asset to  the LiberianME team and we all thank you for bringin´Yoga to my hometown *smiles . We Could not have done this without you #ForeverThankful   Follow Mike on Instagram   Continue reading A month in June

Tales from an Endless Summer

It has now been three years since I decided to go home to my birth country and reunite with my biological family. So much has happened. Have come to know everyday heroes, both men and women who become mentors and taught me so much about Liberian culture. Family members have died and left a hole in the heart that can only be filled with more … Continue reading Tales from an Endless Summer

Liberian Me News

LiberianME News is a project with aim to start local, mobile and sustainable Newsrooms in sub-Saharan Africa. To give the local people a voice and a way to be heard and to produce news and to give people locally, nationwide and globally the possibility to listen to these voices, to access these news and information. The background is that today it is easy, and not … Continue reading Liberian Me News