The Liberian ME Portfolio (Journey to Grand Bassa)

My favorite pictures from my journeys to my birth country Liberia  , A journey that started 2013 and still ongoing . I would like to especially thank the people of 4 houses community ,Buchanan and all the fantastic people I´ve met along the way / Simon Tocclo   Dont forget to Like LiberianME on facebook Continue reading The Liberian ME Portfolio (Journey to Grand Bassa)

Liberia Thru my eyes (Portfolio)

Every picture tells a story and this is my story. 2013 I decided to return to my native country to be reunited with my family .It was the start of LiberianME a company with the vision to be one of the leading forces to rebuild the country . Highlight Liberian entrepeneurer and inspire and motivate with emphasis on ecological and sustainable development. Through the past … Continue reading Liberia Thru my eyes (Portfolio)