Make sure you got the AfterGlow

Johan Afterglow is one of my oldest friends .We go way back + 25 years , This multitalented Producer/Remixer songwriter and former Lead-singer is making a buzz worldwide with his minimalistic club    music .Visited his performance on club 4 elements in Paris and had one of my best night out in years that ended @ 5.00 in the morning ..The way it should be … Continue reading Make sure you got the AfterGlow

Just Smile and make music s’il vous plaît

Ran into legendary french remixer/Dj/Promotor Frédéric Perriault  (Oxytek) on the world renowned  “Club 4 elements”  in Paris .Had a nice Boss 2 Boss conversation meanwhile enjoying hard pumpin´ club music .A true honor and great inspiration and hopefully we´ll see some future great collaborations 🙂 Salut lui, Salut Just Smile événements Take me to “Just smile” events facebook site s’il vous plait Continue reading Just Smile and make music s’il vous plaît

Goodmorning 2013 arrivederci 2012

A new day,  a new year .Thank you 2012 .We had a lot of fun and there will be more to come this year  .12 12 12 marked the start , It was the cue  .So what did I learn from 2012 ? .As we grow better we meet better people , disregard the bad people and the ones holding us back , make better … Continue reading Goodmorning 2013 arrivederci 2012