Omars Song

Sip a glass of cold champagne wine The rug that we lie on feels divine And there’s no parallel for we two Ecstasy the word of the night Ringing in our ears, we’re inflight There’s no substitution For what we have No others can have Chorus There’s nothing like this There’s nothing like this No one could ever have What we have There’s nothing like … Continue reading Omars Song

When Talent comes to town

The London based Artist/singer/producer Mariama Samba visited Liberian Me for a few days recently . With an acclaimed performance @ the legendary Jamrock restaurant combined with meetings and some Studio recording it became an hectic but very inspiring week .I´m so impressed #Motivation #Ambition Mark my words .She will go far !!..What a talent 🙂 Salute Her A blurry picture of me , Mariama and Sarayia … Continue reading When Talent comes to town