The Liberian ME Portfolio (Journey to Grand Bassa)

My favorite pictures from my journeys to my birth country Liberia  , A journey that started 2013 and still ongoing . I would like to especially thank the people of 4 houses community ,Buchanan and all the fantastic people I´ve met along the way / Simon Tocclo   Dont forget to Like LiberianME on facebook Continue reading The Liberian ME Portfolio (Journey to Grand Bassa)

Liberian Me News

LiberianME News is a project with aim to start local, mobile and sustainable Newsrooms in sub-Saharan Africa. To give the local people a voice and a way to be heard and to produce news and to give people locally, nationwide and globally the possibility to listen to these voices, to access these news and information. The background is that today it is easy, and not … Continue reading Liberian Me News

An introduction to Liberian Me

Adopted to Sweden at the age of 3, Simon decided to return to his birth country after 37 years in December 2013 and re-unite with his biological family. Simon then realized many business potentials in his birth country as well as the needs after a devastating 14 years of civil war. Simon and his friends in conjunction with Simons Liberian Family decided to start LiberianME, … Continue reading An introduction to Liberian Me