Tales from an Endless Summer

It has now been three years since I decided to go home to my birth country and reunite with my biological family. So much has happened. Have come to know everyday heroes, both men and women who become mentors and taught me so much about Liberian culture. Family members have died and left a hole in the heart that can only be filled with more … Continue reading Tales from an Endless Summer

Buchanan and sunshine 

There are those days that Forever Will be inked in your heart and memory .This was one of those Buchanan ,Liberia . My beloved birthplace that has some  of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen This is from a family day @ the beach .Most pictures taken by My cousin Moibah #Enjoy                                     … Continue reading Buchanan and sunshine 

Youtubes and visuals ( Liberian ME )

Me on a jungle Bike with my brother Emry ( Butu) heading into deep forest Me and Emry (Butu) a crusing thru 4 houses community  (Buchanan) Me with Naomi , The orphan . Now adopted into the family Read the story here  Liberias National Anthem ..So proud of these kids 🙂 Family day at the beach in Buchanan More footage from the family day at … Continue reading Youtubes and visuals ( Liberian ME )

The April Portfolio

I try to capture life in pictures and sound, I am simon Tocco, Liberia ME ..This is my April portfolio Most pictures are taken in my hometown Buchanan. My vision and ambition with this months Portfolio was to capture the everyday life of the people in 4 houses community in Buchanan.Mostly my beloved family and relatives , friends and random moments .This is my tribute … Continue reading The April Portfolio