If you looked up the word “Talented” you would find a picture of my brother from another mother Stevie Nii-adu Mensah .Well known in booth  the music and dance scene in Sweden as a Writer,Producer,Musician and well respected dancer and choreographer


Me and Stevie Outside Accra Mall in Ghana , Discussin life, music and his new book titled “it´s cold oo ”   A book about school-girl Ama & her best friend Euphoria who both are daily day-dreamers and encounters something that they could never have dreamt up

Had the luxury of spending one day with Stevie when he visited schools and did readings  with the students .

From one of Stevie´s readings 🙂

Stevie is doing amazing things in his home counry I´m proud beyond words and it´s people like him that motivates me in my ever striving for Liberia.

I hope soon to be able to introduce “It´s cold oo” in the Liberian School System since it teaches our future leaders to respect and value things that can not be bought for money Love , trust , friendship

You´ll find the facebook page here

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