Heads up eyes open 

Talib Kweli]

A wise man know what he know and what he doesn’t

If he’s not really sure what he’s saying, he don’t discuss it

A righteous man walks the earth without judgment

And loves his enemies enough to deliver justice

A pious man relies on religion for his direction

At times he introspective, but his bible he’ll never question

A dying man will make a confession, try to get into heaven

Thinking his lifestyle is blocking his blessing

A violent man will stock up on weapons and go to war for his

Get post-traumatic stress disorder, become an officer

A man of peace uses his words in different mediums

He’ll bleed for his beliefs practicing civil disobedience

An honest man knows only lies are scared of the truth

His word is his bond, but his action’s always to prove

A faithful man never need evidence to believe

But still he gotta work for the blessings that he receives

Let’s go

Yummy Bingham]

Sometimes it’s hard to believe

In what you don’t see, I understand

But the picture is so much bigger

Than what we could even imagine

It’s hard to feel better

When the weight of the world make you feel sadder

Put your faith into action

Heads up and eyes open ……….. 

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