One thought on “Sometimes 

  1. Hey Simon, Namaste 🙂

    My good friend, brother from another mother, how are you? Long time apart my friend, too long perhaps 🙂

    You came by Dewin’s and left a couple of ‘like’s’ on recent posts, thank you…it was a prompt for me, recognition of near completion of personal goals, and returning you back into my life, at a time of importance to me. Curiously, as is the way of spiritual connection and friendship: as I recall, my last comment on your Blog here concerned a ‘spiral dance’ we take to the heart of the Labyrinth, and there to slay to Dragon. You were in Casablanca, standing in a shaft of sunlight that extended from the lens flare to your feet. It was a landmark moment ahead of your Liberian adventure. I always had great faith in you Simon to search out your Dragon, get it slayed and live-out the spiritual life that was intended to compliment your work in other areas. Your faith in your vision is one that has proven itself to be right. This Blog Post tells me you are a success, that your heart is an open well allowing others to draw from your Spirit. The Princess posing ‘Pretty in Pink’ (photograph 2) – she is a little cutie who’ll captivate a lot of hearts and minds in her time 🙂 But in honesty my friend, all of these beautiful Courtly Damsels are radiant with Love and Love, and those qualities shine like diamonds in each of them. Scintillating. And you helped them find their shimmer 🙂 Top-flight my friend! Great to see you’ve done so well. You knew you would be successful because you always deliver when Lady Passion opens the deepest door in your heart 🙂

    In all other ways Simon, I trust you are well, as too your family of course. Thank you for returning into my life as a Knight: always welcome at Castle Dewin should you wish to ever come by. The drawbridge to Dewin’s is always down, so just ride that gallant steed right on through!

    Until next time…God Bless, Brightest Blessings with all you are doing. Take care my friend in all ways for always.

    Should you be interested, I now have a Blog on Word Press supporting the Homeless within Wales, UK. It is a young site soon to flourish. Again, you’d be most welcome to join the Scarecrows (the Homeless people who have written the poems) ad me The Raven in our field. We have a really good view from atop our Mountain that overlooks Wales.

    Namaste 🙂


    P.S: I know you Love your music, but may I be cheeky and leave a track for the Princess in Pink?

    Namaste 🙂


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