40,6 MILLION CHILDREN have been EDUCATED & EMPOWERED since the year 200070,000 schools in 115 countries have got
behind The World’s Children’s Prize (WCP), often called the ‘Children’s Nobel Prize’ by the media.Earlier this year  thanks to my great friend ,Madame Charlotta Elf ,  Teachers in my birth town , Buchanan underwent workshops and training in Children´s rights. The World’s Children’s Prize program concludes with a unique Global Vote. In schools all over the world, students learn how democracy works and then organise their own election days and vote for their Child Right Heroes


Pictures above from the WCP Global vote in 4 houses , Buchanan – Liberia


Above , Madame Lotta elf outside the community Hall in 4 houses , Buchanan

Above – Video clip from Workshop with Madame Charlotta elf

A massive thanks to Madame Charlotta elf who made this workshop possible ,To WCP and the founder Magnus Bergmar .To my great LiberianME Team and to all the teachers attendning.Thank You 🙂




Written by simon Tocclo

Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer and Co founder LIberianME

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