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Queens and Daydreams (The lost tapes)

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Dionne Jackson has been one of the most influential person in the music business for me. Few has inspired me like she has in my music journey   ..Here´s two demos we recorded year 2000 in Oakland , CA with the talented Ocea savage from the label No Jazz .Used mostly korg triton and akai S-3000 and everything was tracked on a Yamaha 02R . Still today two of my favorite tracks .A big up for my brother from another mother Niclas “Studiopappa” Ternedal for add vocals on “Ain´t that kind of girl ” And co producing .17 years ago and it feels like yesterday #TBT


2 Replies to “Queens and Daydreams (The lost tapes)”

  1. I do not know what you call it..the tempo is steady yet there are accents that are ahead of the beat. Sometimes I played behind the beat in jazz, and if the drummer knew what I was doing it was good.

    Uh, it’s late, I should go to sleep because as I type this out I realize sometimes I play ahead of the beat too but I don’t do it throughout a number. I only use it on accents. No, I’m just a bassist with good time and a sense of style. I never recorded but sometimes got paid. I like a lot of Hip Hop but this is different from what’s out of Detroit. I guess it’s groove or flow, mixing it up. I dunno. I am not real learned on the styles. I stumble about by feel. Thanks for sharing.

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