R.I.P Christian Verdier

Christian Verdier was a great man  .One of my many liberian heroes .As my uncle he shared stories about  the civil war that he survived , tought me about my culture as well as gave me input on my visions with LiberianME that only an wise elder can do and I respected him deeply for that . I would not be where I am today if it wasn´t for my Uncles and aunties and the knowledge and experience they have passed on .I Owe it to them to pass this on for the next generation .Rest in Peace Christian ..You Will never be forgotten and I Will Forever continue what you contributed to help me start ❤️Liberia stand up 

Salute him 

/Simon aka LiberianME

5 thoughts on “R.I.P Christian Verdier

  1. Simon,
    So very sorry for the loss of your Uncle–an incredible soul. I’ve no doubt his charity and spirit will live on in you. May the generous principles he helped establish, move your selfless work forward assisting Liberians in need.

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