I meet you @ the station in ostkreutz 

Back in Berlin …Again …Been here so many Times now it almost feels like My home of many ..I find My way around ..I Know where the best hamburger is , I don’t need to ask for directions Anymore  *smiles ..well almost 

I Love to ride the S-bahn train around town and jump  off @ random stations and just stroll around and Explore 

This trip was diffrent ..Everything is diffrent this time ..I started this Journey 3 years ago when I first decided to return home to Liberia ..Since then My Journey has taking Me places I never thought I’d Explore ..Met politicians ,pro temporo presidents ,ambassadoers ..streetbums ,artist …Turned My biggest setback in life to My greatest win , turned tears to triumphs ..Ambitions to motivation and realized that My whole life has Been a Journey to now …And now is Forever 

Sincerly yours 


At a random park in Kreuzberg 

@ the S- bahn towards Ostkreutz

@ the Liberian Embassy in Berlin 

My sun sets to rise again

For more videos and footage follow LiberianME on Instagram 

@ liberian_me 

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