The september Portfolio

I love pictures just as much as I am music .A picture tells more than thousand words and one chord can describe 100  emotions  .I started this blog as a sketchpad for my ideas and ambitions and also as an online gallery/exhibition of Liberia thru my my eyes and camera Lens ..I never expected it to grow to what it is today with readers from 103 countries …WoW ! I´m humbled and honored ..Thank you all !!!! … I´m so excited to announce that this fall my first Gallery Exhibition ever will take place ! .. More info will follow shortly … Until then Here´s some of my all time fav pictures


/ Liberian ME

IMG_4578 IMG_2286IMG_2284 IMG_5765IMG_5476IMG_3679IMG_6592 IMG_7205IMG_7384 IMG_7644 IMG_7204 IMG_7197cropped-img_5604.jpg cropped-img_6410.jpgcropped-img_54891.jpg cropped-img_6517.jpgcropped-img_53792.jpgIMG_5955 IMG_5015 IMG_5337IMG_5776 IMG_5512 IMG_5476IMG_6173 IMG_5969 IMG_6174 IMG_6187 IMG_6291 IMG_6166IMG_5388IMG_5078IMG_5080 IMG_5449 IMG_5451 IMG_5151 IMG_5441 IMG_5620 IMG_5448IMG_5783 IMG_5804 IMG_5802 IMG_5803 IMG_5770IMG_5800 IMG_5776cropped-img_3081.pngIMG_3344 IMG_3403 IMG_3343 IMG_3402 IMG_3401IMG_817110922444_10153570220206494_8318581509599724051_nIMG_5769 IMG_5807IMG_7481


IMG_6745 IMG_6668 IMG_6729IMG_5620 IMG_5670 IMG_2349 IMG_2439 IMG_5730 IMG_5604 IMG_0876 IMG_5600 IMG_5706 IMG_5610 IMG_0863 IMG_5762 IMG_5769 IMG_0869 IMG_5391 IMG_5699 IMG_5736 IMG_5697-0IMG_2108-1 IMG_1765IMG_2222 IMG_2174 IMG_2196 IMG_2223 IMG_2162-0 IMG_2224 IMG_2112 IMG_2113 IMG_2284IMG_6888 IMG_6820-0IMG_1866 IMG_1849-1IMG_0850 IMG_0859 IMG_0860 IMG_0853 IMG_0861 IMG_0858 IMG_0863 IMG_0943 IMG_1015 IMG_0316 IMG_0317IMG_6322 IMG_6302 IMG_6312 IMG_6315Featured Image -- 10552 20140423-210714.jpg 20140423-210802.jpg 20140423-210752.jpg 20140423-210654.jpg20140611-040235-14555448.jpg20140527-174959-64199481.jpg 20140527-175000-64200889.jpg 20140527-175000-64200150.jpg 20140527-175001-64201423.jpg Featured Image -- 10527IMG_5704 IMG_5802 IMG_5822 IMG_5811 IMG_5764 IMG_5768960130_10152325451546494_1125436990_n 530558_10152026273671494_754330615_n 483084_482100615153584_1108972768_n533786_10151914453596494_581372675_n Dubai418892_10151863220796494_1641271566_n 263318_10152311310281494_727426944_n 53628_10151970984656494_1182153130_o 531996_10152711651446494_782380464_nIMG_0876

10 thoughts on “The september Portfolio

  1. Your heart was always in the right place, you were just standing in the wrong spot;)
    It will be a beautiful show representing your passion and in that passion the support of a country in need of much. Liberia is fortunate to have such a caring son:)

  2. Ever since I was young confused kid with ambitions I´ve always dreamed about one day have a exhibition , never expected it to be about Liberia and that I would be the photographer .. but life moves in funny ways and I´m sure one day this will all makes sense ❤ .. love and light AnnMarie and thank you for being one of my biggest source of inspiration and motivation ❤

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