Visited “Star Fight Gym” Södermalm , Stockholm to take some photos for an upcoming launch and spend time with my good friend the multi talented Reyna Angélique Hernandez when she sparred against Jenny Krigsman aka @ThaiJenny . As always , it is an experience to watch two really talented boxers go round by round , exchanging punches . I’m so full of admiration for these hard hitting ladies. They ain´t worried `bout nothing .

Salute them

More info will follow ..Stay posted , this fall will be very interesting #TeamReyna

Simon Tocclo , LiberianME

img_71371 img_7148 img_7147 img_6335 dsc01931 dsc01918 IMG_8294IMG_8295IMG_8361 IMG_8363 IMG_8213IMG_8364 IMG_8362 IMG_8359 IMG_8360IMG_8365 IMG_8366IMG_8358 IMG_8368IMG_8356 IMG_8298IMG_8367

Written by simon Tocclo

Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer and Co founder LIberianME


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