Me on a jungle Bike with my brother Emry ( Butu) heading into deep forest

Me and Emry (Butu) a crusing thru 4 houses community  (Buchanan)

Me with Naomi , The orphan . Now adopted into the family

Read the story here 

Liberias National Anthem ..So proud of these kids 🙂

Family day at the beach in Buchanan

More footage from the family day at the beach (Philip)

On a morning walk with my brother Rio ( Martin) Toclo )

Morning in Africa

My first meeting with the amazing  Reuben Gongar . His story and ambitions  inspired me to start up

You can read more about Reuben here 

Reubens story about Michael for Liberian Online News

Driving in my  h0me town Buchanan

Me with Rachelle ( Analog lust ) In Los angeles discussin L.I.F.E

Me with super talented UK/ West African Singer Mariama Samba vibing in the studio in Stockholm

@ a random corner in Santa Paula , CA with my brother Poke 

My brother from another mother , Smit and I @ the hollywood hills .. Enjoying the view

One of my favourite clips from a wonderfull day spent with my brother Little Larry , Discussin life , music and ambitions .Larry has taught me a lot about L.I.F.E 

Me .. Simon Tocclo  …..LiberianME

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Written by simon Tocclo

Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer and Co founder LIberianME

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