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Youtubes and visuals ( Liberian ME )

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Me on a jungle Bike with my brother Emry ( Butu) heading into deep forest

Me and Emry (Butu) a crusing thru 4 houses community  (Buchanan)

Me with Naomi , The orphan . Now adopted into the family

Read the story here 

Liberias National Anthem ..So proud of these kids 🙂

Family day at the beach in Buchanan

More footage from the family day at the beach (Philip)

On a morning walk with my brother Rio ( Martin) Toclo )

Morning in Africa

My first meeting with the amazing  Reuben Gongar . His story and ambitions  inspired me to start up https://www.facebook.com/Liberianonlinenews

You can read more about Reuben here 

Reubens story about Michael for Liberian Online News

Driving in my  h0me town Buchanan

Me with Rachelle ( Analog lust ) In Los angeles discussin L.I.F.E

Me with super talented UK/ West African Singer Mariama Samba vibing in the studio in Stockholm

@ a random corner in Santa Paula , CA with my brother Poke 

My brother from another mother , Smit and I @ the hollywood hills .. Enjoying the view

One of my favourite clips from a wonderfull day spent with my brother Little Larry , Discussin life , music and ambitions .Larry has taught me a lot about L.I.F.E 

Me .. Simon Tocclo  …..LiberianME

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