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Money, cars , clothes … I suppose

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I love when things are going well for people. I am incurably fascinated by success stories. When people rise up and become all they were meant to be. But with success comes responsibility. Humility is one of the finest qualities a man can have. I have many times seen Floyd Mayweather Jr. videos on Youtube where he was proud and cocky shows expensive brand-name watches, bundles of notes which no rubber band can hold .The message is clear. I’m really rich and the best and all of you are losers. I have previously seen it with a pinch of irony and seen it as part of a well-oiled PR machinery. The Western world loves filthy rich people .. what Floyd does with his money is entirely up to him. His choices are his own. But when you let the ignorance bubble over. When irony becomes a mockery. Then it has gone too far. I’m so glad I do not sponsored his match, and instead of being the role model he could be both black and white young men entering life rather than become a court jester, and a perfect example of that too much money corrupts. What is your opinion? Feel free 2 share

Personally, I become disgusted when I hear this kind of statement

I hope Floyd Mayweather one day wake up and realize what is truly important in life. Money comes and goes .. Only true happiness consists .. And that can only come from within ..


2 Replies to “Money, cars , clothes … I suppose”

  1. Totally agree with you Simon. I’ve never been a fan of Floyd Mayweather. I despise what he stands for and the ethos that he lives by. Unfortunately, these are the prominent figures that young people look up to and aspire to be like. He’s made a mockery of what Boxing is about with his lack of good sportsmanship.

  2. Simon – agreed. These folks – the big athletes – have such an amazing and unique opportunity to make an enormous impact in the lives of especially children. It’s unfortunate, some of them choose a negative approach, rather than a positive one. Today, more than ever, in these times of instant gratification fueled by technology, children and adults alike need constant reminders of honest value – value in others, in love, in living – not all the silly decorations and affectations that go bling…
    Warmest regards, my friend. I hope all is going well for you.
    annmarie 🙂

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