Classic demos

Music has always been a part of me and my friends described me as a mixture of music and a cartoon character .I started early with music. When I was 12 years old and lived in a small northern town called Umeå I first came to when I adopted from Liberia to Sweden. Started a band called "Time" Inspired by the prince Album "Sign of the Times" who did covers of from snap to their own songs which was a mixture of pop and rap. My three biggest highlights was when I was with the group Basic Elements was the opening act for Michael Jackson in Estonia .. Surreal and feels so still today to have been part of such an experience .My other large was when I appeared on Swedish Music Expo in New York with Swedish / Liberian singer Marie "Jendayi" Almström when the legendary "Wästberg" was consul ..Min 3 highlight was in 2007 when I finally conquered my platinum disc for best selling album that year .Had with a song that I did with my eldest daughter .Dom recent years, much has happened and I do not so much music anymore. The focus has been on other things and above all Africa .Gick through some old demos and songs this morning and remembered back. Dom songs myself like the most, I have deliberately not usually released without judgment has got to be left as demos and sketchpads .. much like an early blogging .. But today we drive memory Monday theme so I will post a couple Simon demos here .. Enjoy

Yes it´s yours truly walking around as an animated character in the video 🙂 This was so way before iphones and HD and was made for Nokias N- series

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