In Loving Memory of ReneKid Bier

I am so heartbroken today that I do not even know what to write or say :(. My Beloved amazing gorgeous Rene. Gone .. Too early ..Too soon 😦 
It was only a week ago since we sat on the patio in Liberia and talked about life .Our dreams, visions and goals .You was always curious. Asked a lot of questions about the world and my adventures . I quickly saw the same hunger and ambition I always carried within me in you Rene  .You called me Uncle Simon, but in my heart I called you my son .. Just a few days ago, we stood and talked, laughed, and you asked if I would come back to Liberia soon . You wanted to learn more ..I remember that I paused, took both your hands in mine  and looked deep into your eyes and told you how incredibly proud I was and grateful that you were in my life ❤ .My little hero , my mini Boss .No parent should outlive their children and my thoughts and prayers goes out to your parents and siblings .You was and will always be a hero to me Renee , for our entire family and for future Generations . You were one of the reasons that I started Liberian ME. Build something that future generations could take over.The youth ..The future ... I will use all the sorrow and pain I feel for fuel to finish what we started together . I promise you that I will find a way or die trying ... Rest in peace Rene. Uncle Simon Loves you to the moon and back
And I will make sure that the world never forgets about you 

Salute Him 

983860_715255161921910_5669896298355403216_n 10959827_1536828449917993_967029646961868356_n Rene 2 Rene 3



14 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of ReneKid Bier

  1. Simon, my condolences first and foremost. I am just now reading this and am filled with the sorrow of your words. I too know deep lost. I also know mere words cannot take the place of the grieving process which must move from a ragged beginning to a healing end.

    I know I don’t have to tell you to continue to carry Rene in your Heart and Soul. Your beautiful words say that you will. I am a believer that our Souls are immortal, passing through countless lives, gathering the enlightenment it needs to get to that ‘next level’. If there is even a portion of this true, Rene perhaps is already transforming, moving into his next existence; painlessly and flawlessly…

    Let me know how you’re doing…

    hope to hear from you…


  2. Simon,
    The face in those photos above is filled with a bright spirit. I don’t believe Rene appears to be someone who’ll ever be forgotten. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Rene’s warmth will forever remain in the hearts of those he loved and those who loved him in return…
    Hugs to you this day, my friend.

  3. This post fills me with compassion and condolences to you and his family for his sad passing. The photos show such a vibrant and courageous boy… I’m sorry to hear the news… Stay strong and hopeful for the future… I’m sure your friend would’ve wanted this…
    All my best,

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