There is no right way to do this

I seldom end up where I intended to go but always where I need to be .The long distant runner ..Trying to recoup all the things that went missing when I was to busy chasing daises in the snow .. So there I was .. on a random street in Barcelona , May 2014 ..surrounded by thousands but still lonely..37 countries visited but still searching for something ,for someone ..And that day in Barcelona I found the path I’ve Been following ever since

Simon tocclo , Liberian Me

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.”
― Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy

6 months, 2 weeks, 4 days,
and I still don’t know which month it was then
or what day it is now.
I replace cafés with crowded bars and empty roads with broken bottles
and this town is healing me slowly but still not slow or fast enough because there’s no right way to do this.
There is no right way to do this.

There is no right way to do this.”
Charlotte Eriksson











5 thoughts on “There is no right way to do this

  1. Alright now! It’s good to hear you had a great time in Cali and even more importantly, in Africa. I hope your mom and family are well and all things are as they should be.
    Good to see you are always looking at new ways to express the creativity. I like too that you are ‘guesting other artists’ videos on your site. It’s brilliant, man.

    The animation surprised me in such a good way I’m thinking of maybe doing something like it down the road. Shame Los Angeles and S.F. aren’t a little closer. I would have liked to shoot on down to The City of Angels to hang out with you. but you’re right to say let’s leave the ‘door open’ for a meeting of the minds and spirits this year? I’m all for it, brother.

  2. Yo Simon! Fantastic animation and soundz. It’s been a while and you just popped into my head. I hope all is well wherever you are in the world at this time. Sorry Cali didn’t come into existence, but when ordained in the right time and place, let no man try to put asunder…

    Be well, brother!


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