Analog L.U.S.T and L.I.F.E


15 years ago I moved from Sweden to the US and my beloved California .I came to The Bay Area and Oakland. Young and inexperienced, but with the motivation that could move mountains and ambitions .One of them first artists I met was a young and hungry LadyLust aka Analog desire. After one song together, we were soulmates and has been ever since. Since then I have proudly followed her career.
The last time we met in person was about 7 years ago. A lot has happened since then, but our band is stronger than ever and be back in the studio with this super talent is a blessing beyond the clouds.I will forever be thankful to Life for linking our paths .Salute Her and visit her website

04.34 Am .In @ MosesMilliyons studio in L.A .. Analog Lust talks L.I.F.E with Liberian Me

The classic title track from the Album Beautiful beast with west coast king pin producer pOETiq beats

Analog L.U.S.T. & pOETiq – “In the Air”

A classic timeless demo I did with L-dot 7-8 years ago .. Still banging !!!

1947998_10153130848901804_4405676776941805129_n 10931510_10153082969831804_3267045793060986972_n 10857825_10152998008021804_2305497587029324617_n 1794777_10152835634636804_5911615852360512304_n 15771_10152812896961804_7618243197636587687_n 10666074_10152782026936804_5784578373375283240_n 1606910_10152380897241804_1885244055_n

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