On Royal Blocks

For more than 10 years ago, I met Galanzy and his twin brother Tomas in the city of Umeå, northern Sweden when I just returned from the US and Mexico were I got involved working on a European project with a focus on studio and music education and coaching for the youth. The project was called “Up Sweden” and was  founded and run by the entrepeneur Christoffer Lundström and his legendary company ORCA.
There were many talented creative artists and producers that was born out of the project. I had the honor to go to the US and New York in 2003 with Swedish / Liberian singer Marie Jendayi and represent Sweden at the Swedish Music Expo in Tribecca Ballroom .Marie was one of many promising artist who started her career through the upSweden project .I Will Always Be Grateful to Christoffer for  initiating it. But back to Galanzy ,  I saw early on that there was something special with him and his way of producing .We booth had a fascination for Large string arrangements *smiles .It was not long before I had nothing more to teach him, but instead proudly watched him take every production further and further and digging deeper into production.His Twin brother and he had the group Block 44 and it was clear early on that they would go far .Now 10 years later is Galanzy the producer behind The album of the Year #Kamouflage where yours truly has two tracks .We met up the other day next to the Royal Palace in Stockholm and forged plans for 2015th .Galanzy currently runs the The highly acclaimed production company Nakatomi with a Customer Cv which is beyond impressive. Will be some collaborations with Liberian Me that I look forward to tell you more about in the near future ..

Anyway, we decided to unite on a musical journey and drop …… hmmmm Can not really talk about it yet, but 2015 will be a very musical year and that Block 44 and Simon Tocclo will totally redraw the musical map … Let me repeat myself so there´s no confusion …Block 44 and Simon will Redraw the musical map #2015

So proud of this guys ! #Salute #Them


Took a couple of shots of Galanzy with his #Iphone during our afternoon walk around the Royal Palace  and The royal Opera in Stockholm .


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