Ann Huber Will find a way

One of LiberianMe‘s main tasks is to act as a link between Liberia and the outside world and vice versa. Highlight enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and stimulate growth.My dear friend Ann Huber who grew up in Liberia  runs the organisation COPDA Sweden who does a remarkable job helping Liberia thru this difficult times.

The Committee for Peace and Development Advocacy (COPDA) is a Liberian non-profit organization registered in Liberia and Sweden.
The organization was established to help the less fortunate and marginalised populations of Nimba County, Liberia and West Africa, through programs of Peacebuilding and Economic Development.

As you may know, the Ebola crisis has hit Liberia and is spreading. The nature of the emergency is the huge threat of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which could destroy lives within communities in Nimba County and Liberia, where we are working.
According to the latest statistics, the number of Ebola cases in Nimba County has increased to 102 persons within 2 weeks.
As of August 20, 2014, 1.350 people have died from Ebola in West Africa.
Liberia has been hardest-hit, with 576 recorded deaths since the outbreak began in March 2014.

COPDA is kindly appealing for your assistance to help address the spread of the virus which could cause so much suffering and loss of lives. We wish to carry out the following work:

  • Community Awareness Raising and Information Dissemination on Preventing the Ebola Virus and Keeping Safe from Threats;
  • Distribution of Sanitary Materials and Supplies to at-risk and vulnerable populations;
  • Collaboration with the Nimba County Ebola Task Force in providing food and non-food support to persons affected and
    recovering from the virus.

LibeianMe wholeheartedly supports COPDA Sweden  and will work tightly with the organization to help share information and coordinate assistance to victims of Ebola .You can read more about their business and how you can support the relief effort on their website.

Ann Huber

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