Teardrops and coffins

Found my Africa coffin in the attic earlier this summer. It has been filled over the years with postcards, letters, gifts from Liberia. It will get inherited by my children one day. For me it has always been my link to Liberia and I remember how ai used to sit in my boy’s room and read all the letters from my father and fantasize what it would be if I lived in Liberia instead of Sweden. When my biological father was brutaly murdered in 2003 in the aftermath of the 14-year civil war it has become My memory Box of him .

R.I.P Peewe Toclo ,You Will never be forgotten









So it was a true honor to 37 years later represent My father and my family @ the Capitol building and meet the pro temporo president .



My biological mom Julia Toclo , So blessed to have 2 moms that loves me and cares for me .it takes a queen to raise a king






I’ve travelled the world many laps but I finally found what I was looking for when I went home after 37 years


12 thoughts on “Teardrops and coffins

  1. Thanks Simon. I have so much to share but am slow to get it posted. I wish I was better at using the blog, slowly and surely I will do it. Korea is a very interesting country in many strange and wonderful ways. Have a great day!

  2. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that.Sometimes Life teaches us about losses in a brutal Way that don’t make any sense .But evil deeds also forces good things to happen .there’s a reaction to every action .. I returned to Liberia to confront a lot of things I’d avoided My whole Life ..I couldnt save My dad but I can return his belive in me with at least try My best ….so Im trying ….ps My Sunday was awesome , studio visit and hangout with two princesses

  3. Look forward to discover Korea one day 🙂 .Been to Indonesia a couple of Times as well as Singapore and Thailand but never Korea … One day ..one day 🙂 .. in the meantime I travel thru your Inspiring blog .thank u

  4. Beautiful memories link us to our family – both past and present – I’m so very sorry to read about your father. He appears a wonderful man – no doubts there 🙂 My mother’s father too, was killed – he was a recovering alcoholic in 1962 trying to get his life back together and was working at a soup kitchen in New York City. He was stabbed for $5 he had in his pocket, one night as he was leaving.
    Cruelty, war, humans behaving inhumanly – dear Simon, how many of us wish and dream – we’ll all come to our hearts and let peace rule…
    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful family photos and how your father’s memory was/is honored. Your mother has the face of an angel 🙂
    AnnMarie 🙂
    Have a glorious sunday!

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