Among living legends

The year 2003 was a special year in many ways for me .It was the year my biological father Pewee Toclo was murdered in the after quake of the 14 year civil war in Liberia .It was also the year I represented Sweden at the annual Swedish Music Expo in Tribecca Grand , NYC
Next to tour with Michael Jackson, I count it as one of the big highlights of my career .One of those who came to mean most of my musical development and later became my mentor was Charles Baskerville .Charles is a living Soul / RNB Legend on the East Coast and he has played with and for more musical icons than I can count.
I was in New York with the Swedish / Liberian singer Marie Jendayi and we had the  great honor to stay a few days with him in his home to rehears for the performance.
There are few people I know who are so musical and he also became a close friend and support for two confused Liberians with ambitions about to make a giant gig.
Just got a video clip sent with his new music project that I want to share with you readers who are starved of good music
I have Charles to thank for so much inspiration and be able to go up on stage with a living legend was the motivation we needed.
I am forever grateful to him for That

Salute Him

A song for us -Marie Jendayi

How deep is your love -Marie Jendayi


3 thoughts on “Among living legends

  1. After all these years I never knew that you were a musician. So this is what makes the world go round.

  2. I am Humbled. This is from a long dear Musician Friend Sweden that i’ve had the pleasure of writing with . This man is modest to say the least because he is one todays hottest producers in Sweden. Thank u Simon Tocclo for the ups and cant wait to see u soon

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