Queens and CrimeScenes

It's a special feeling to walk around in the inner city of Stockholm and suddenly see my friend on a big billboard .Next morning  wake up and see the same friend on TV, on the front page in the newspaper .We're talking about my friend Jenny rogneby, whose debut crime novel about "Leona" has already been sold to several countries worldwide,I am indeed so proud of Jenny and I'm not surprised at all regarding the success.Jenny have a backround as a performer worldwide and we were in the late 90´s with the group Basic Elements support act for Michael Jackson at his concert in Tallin, Estonia during the "HIStory tour .One incredible experience that I will always remember and forever be thankfull to have shared with her.
So go and buy the book that everyone is talking about

ps . Besides Michael himself I´ve never seen anyone doin the Moonwalk Like Jenny ❤ 

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