21 thoughts on “Peters post

  1. a couple of my best life friends…fun is also inspiring, not? lol! But yes, it is true. The enrgy is something not to compare. Fortunaze to have been a partof “that” world for so long. Met them when I toured with Steve Miller back in 89.

  2. There’s Nothing like be around talented people with ambitions .no greater fuel For motivation .I belive that Theese great men got very inspired Being around you 🙂 .

  3. I spent My 40th birthday in Barcelona .Did not plan it but sometimes u end up where u need to be and I Will forever be thankfull to thoose kind people in Barcelona who became My Friends during a very difficult period of My Life .Dire straits and mark knopler are Legends 🙂 , I was support act For Michael Jackson on his history tour in Estonia 1998 .Amazing experience .music has always Been My Life ..I listen to most but not to Much into country either 🙂 .Listening to “enjoy the Silence” with depeche mode meanwhile Reading your respond . Hope all is well /Simon

  4. Simon, If a PIN drops, I can’t write lol! I was in Barcelona for my 30th bday with friends of mine who were working with Dire Straits. We spent a few days there with them and the events of the Ramblas lol! I truely love most all music with the exception of country and jazz. I have been heavily exposed to the music world and love to hear/find something different and fresh, or a superb raspy voice 😉

  5. My friend Peter , a very wise
    Gentleman who I spent a lot of time with when I lived in Barcelona posted this on his Instagram .A very welcomed reminder and note to self ❤ .look forward to read your poem ..question .. Do you listen to music when u write and if so what kind of music /artists inspire u ?

  6. Thank you for liking “Replicas of Famous Landmarks.” Great quote! 🙂 It is easy to take your life for granted until an illness or an accident affecting you or someone close to you makes you realize that human life is fragile and temporary.

  7. Yeah this one is deep 🙂 ..Really needed to read that that day and My Friends seems to have a sixth sense and always send me things on Cue #PowerCircle #Blessed .. Hope ur weekend is Sunny AnnMarie ❤

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