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The Making of Legend Of Libertalia

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Spent the last few days with two pirates mixing and mastering Ye Banished Privatateers upcoming release titled “The Legend of Libertalia” .A musical masterpiece that was a true honor to put the final finish on.I Worked with Björn Malmros which was responsible for the pre-mix and Martin Gavelin who had worked with the Pre mastering of the album. Unfortunately an ear infection in Martin’s ear sat content in production so I came into production just a couple of days before the deadline

It is the first time in my career that I mixed and mastered pirate music and it was a real treat and a
welcome break from the usual Pop/RnB/Hip hop assignments
Bjorn had a very clear vision of what sound he wanted to create wich made it easy to formulate a mix/mastering strategy to ensure that the material would be ready in time
The entire work was done in Steinberg’s Cubase 7.5,
We worked almost exclusively with Waves plugins that in my ear almost always sound best and over the years has become the main ingridiense in my mix recipe
Besides the occasional midi toppings we worked exclusively with live instruments.
The band consists of some of northern Sweden’s top musicians, which made the material extra fun to work with. Instead of disguise and hide I could work more towards emphasize eg fiddle or accordion

Extra credit to Martin who despite ear infection and fever sat through the entire final production despite my nagging that he should rest and Björn Malmros that on such short notice made time for a two day mastering race that ended early morning at 7 am


Waves emulation of the legendary Solid State Logic 4000 mixing console was used extensively on the channel strips

L3 Multimaximazier

L3 Multimaximizer made ​​sure that the songs got the final push.


The workspace ( Studio)

Ye Banished

More info on Ye Banished Privateers and their upcoming shows in Europe can be found on their website here

photo 1 photo 2

Got an exclusive edition of their previous album “Songs and curses” that comes as message in a bottle and the cork into the bottle contains a USB stick with the album. Will hold a place of honor in my studio shelf 🙂

Ye Banished PrivateersYe Banished 4

You´ll also find them on facebook Here 

/Simon Tocclo aka LiberianME

8 Replies to “The Making of Legend Of Libertalia”

  1. Our ear is a valuable commodity. I cannot imagine trying to play or mix through the distortion of an earache. I love the photos. I’ll give a listen when time permits.

  2. It was one of The most fun Mixing Jobs I’ve Done AnnMarie 🙂 .. Mostly because it was so 180 degrees from Everything I’ve Done before so spending a couple of days in the studio with some pirates was a blast!

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