S i m o n   T o c c l o




My grandfather has now reached the glorious age of 99.Han has always been one of my biggest inspirations in life and rolemodel .When I came to Sweden as a child from Liberia, he took me to his heart immediately .Grandpa has always been color blind and open for other cultures and views .I remember when I was 10-11 years old and was so sad because I thought everyone else was smarter than me. Grandpa took me quiet up in his lap and said. “simon, all you have to do is read 2-3 newspapers a day” Then you know a little about a lot. The Council will follow me today

Besides my grandmother Bertha, I know no one who believed so much in me at an early age started talking to me as an adult
Fritz today at age 99 is still fresh and clear in my head is the miracle of life

Love you Grandpa


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