ceremonies,culture,decoration,royalty another beautiful African mask in the spotlight.

Museum visits always yield interesting treasure for me. Not in any ‘collectible sense’, more to the tune of what I come away with artistically; what I learn, and what I feel inspired by.  I couldn’t have imagined spending so much of my recent visit to the San Francisco Asian Art Museum in front of some of the most incredible African masks I’ve seen in a long time. This is not to say I didn’t spend time checking out everything else- I did. I just found myself returning time and again to stand before these incredible masks, feeling the power rolling off of them.

Several posts ago, I uploaded another photo of a mask I found fascinating during my visit. My friend Simon @ Liberian Me  (do check out his link/site a few words back – very cool!) shared with me that African…

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Written by simon Tocclo

Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer and Co founder LIberianME

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