S i m o n   T o c c l o



All that I’m praying for
Is my love finds her like a lullaby
Finds her in the night
Sings her to sleep
All that I’m hoping for
Is my voice finds her like a lullaby
Sings her to sleep
She’ll wake with me


6 Replies to “Lullabies for Elephants”

  1. Indian elephants in Thailand are the only ones I have been close to. They can be trained to serve and seem genuinely willing to do their “jobs.” We used to carry our children to feed them when they were at rest, and they take the fruits quite gently, considering their size. They seem to have a sense of humor at times and will deliberately do things to embarrass people.

  2. Intressting 🙂 thank you For sharing , sorry For late reply , on travelling feet mostly out of wi-fi area and still struggling with Killin inbox after birthday (Facenbook makes birthdays so Much bigger ) .Its so true , animals teach us more about loyalty and trust than any book .I’m happy you found and could exercise your passion 🙂 .will keep an eye on your blog , Happy Midsummer Jack and Bless your loved ones

  3. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S. Originally I’m from Texas – my granddad had steer ranch in West Texas when I was a kid and I spent my early years with horses there. I grew up and got out of horses, but about 10 years ago I met a girl that got me back into them and I started working with horse rescues, taking in mistreated horses and rehab’ing them for adoption. That got me back into training and riding again, and I started working with Arabs and training them for endurance racing. Too bad about your allergies – I’ve learned more about living from horses in those 10 years than I learned in the 30 years before 🙂

  4. Hi Jack 🙂 I love Elephants ,they are very fascinating animals with such a rich character .Unfortnely I’m allergic to horses so I’ve never Been able to get to experience them other from a distance 😦 .Where r u based ?

  5. Wow….I’m a horseman as well as triathlete and coach – I’ve always wanted to get to know elephants, wondering if their intelligence was as foreign to ours as the equines, and if the elephants have their own brilliance like the horses do. Thanks for liking my post on FUEL, I’m enjoying looking around your site and will hit your Follow button to keep up with you. -Jack

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