S i m o n   T o c c l o

4 Replies to “Paths and roadblocks”

  1. Hey Simon,

    This is a great way to express a fundamental truth about life, that only when we start to believe will we confront the spirit that will set us free. Inside us all is a potential waiting to be unleashed…it matters not what we do, but more than we do what we do with passion, truthfulness and absolute integrity to ourselves and with honest regard and respect for those around us. Each of us has the potential to make this world a better place: success is not defined by income or wealth, and nor will the value of our life be judged in this manner at our passing. Instead our life may well be judged by the contribution that we made in giving service to our fellow man. All one can ever hope to be is the best that they are and leave a legacy of love and kindness in the hearts and minds of all.

    * Service is our destiny in life or in death. Then let it be my choice, living to serve the living, and be fretted uncomplainingly. If I can assure myself of doing service, I have my home within.

    * An ideal may seem unattainable, but when it is distinctly acknowledged as the object of aspiration, it will be found close at hand.

    * I should never have made my success in life, if I had not bestowed upon the least thing I have ever undertaken, the same attention and care that I have bestowed upon the greatest ~ Charles Dickens

    Another great post Simon.

    DN – 13/052014

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