7 thoughts on “The shore vs the ocean

  1. Hey Simon,

    I am so pleased to feel such positivity in your words 🙂 And so inspired by the manner with which you embrace and constantly move forwards through life, capitalising on opportunities and really living/embracing the moment. That is one reason why I follow your Blog, because it brings home the message of how important persisting, resisting, and existing really are to living and loving life!

    I am also humbled by your sentiment…good friendship is a treasure, and long may it last…and yes, I too am pleased our paths have crossed as they have. It’s uncanny how things happen in life 🙂

    I’ll look forward to reading of your success with the My Movement project! All is crossed for you at this time. Take care and enjoy the Rainbow Nation!


    DN – 11/04/14

  2. Thank you My dear friend 🙂 .Im currently in africa and launching My movement ! Lot’s of feelings /Decisions and entering New lifepaths ..Happy My lifeline crossed yours

    Love and light /Simon

  3. Hi Simon,

    Only a quick line to hope all’s going well?

    I was lost in the near-dreaminess of this post…great photos and a wonderful sentiment to go with them. The themes running through the last few blogs find their own meanings in us all.

    Take care friend

    DN – 04/04/14

  4. Just lovely – dreamscapes…I’m going to frame these photos in my mind and take them into the Middle School Building (which is not very lovely looking) where I will be subbing today…thank you, Simon.

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