5 thoughts on “If it dosen’t matter it matters

  1. Hi Simon,

    Hi Simon,

    It you who inspire me! 🙂 And I’ll not be the only one who thinks that way about you or your Blog either…the world needs all the Warriors of Light it can get! 🙂

    And all the very best of luck with the new project! Is this a major turning point in your life I wonder from which you will harvest the many fruits of your endeavours? You know I am already putting out those positive vibes, and will include your success in my prayers.

    I admire a man who prioritises their life in the way that you do. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how important your daughters are to you. You are a fine man Simon, a great father, a successful entrepreneur and a beacon of light in a sometimes grey old world.

    Take care, good luck, and ‘rock on!’ 🙂


    DN – 30/03/14

  2. Very true My friend 🙂 .I’m fine thanks ❤ Hope your weekend was great.I'm spending it in Oslo with My Daughters as a mental preparation for next weeks Afrika trip ..About to launch My biggest project ever so today was much needed .love n light /Tocclo

  3. Hi Simon,

    I guess there really is only one thing in life to be serious about, and it was the words Gandolf the Grey spoke to Frodo Baggins in the Mines of Moiria..

    “It is not the time we have been given that is of concern, but more importantly, it what we choose to do with that time.”

    Hope all’s well…

    DN – 30/03/14

  4. Hi there Simon, so very true – how wild is life with its twists and turns. Some of us are in the driver’s seat, others are just along for the ride… Funny – somedays I’m driving the car and other days I can’t even find the keys…
    Thanks ever so much for visiting my little corner of blogworld. It’s so very nice to meet you.

  5. Wow…………….who is this guy? It is a profound statement. And it leaves me wondering if he means we shouldn’t be so serious all the time OR if he doesn’t care that much about life? It just leaves me wondering so many things. Such a simple statement yet so deep! Try to remember to explain to me later if you have time. Miss you!

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