1. It´s a long road to inner peace . LIfe is truly a rollercoaster .We travel the world instead of travel within.But it is like Will smith once said in a interview . The same second you determine what you want , the whole universe conspires to make it happen .There is so much knowledge and wisdom out there to guide and motivate . For me it´s not so about the goal , I focus more on the motivation and the ambition .If you can´t run , walk ..whatever you do don´t stand still .. I owe a lot of my inspiration to people like you and Rob hill sr ..I salute you

  2. Fantastic post!!! Took me a minute to ‘get this’ in my own life. It can become easy to believe the voice of others who have stopped dreaming big, telling or suggesting you to be more like them… a little more fearful, a little more hesitant, a little more afraid to be exactly who you came to this earth to be.

    That road to being ALL you can be might be a lonely and frustrating one at times, but it sure becomes worth it when the evidence starts showing up suggesting that belief in self is worth all the blood, sweat, and tears… thank you for this…

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