The Talkbox Jr. is a tribute to the legendary sound of the late/great Roger Troutman. It is a sample library featuring the most important vowel sounds and phrases from the classic talkbox sound of the 90’s. In keeping with the 90’s theme, the library also contains some of the classic synths, basses, leads, and organ sounds of that time.You can skip to 03.40 min for the actual demo to start but oh my oh my what a demo ! I grow up with the Roger troutman sound and to hear it recreated like this almost brought tears of joy to my eyes .There´s certain things autotune simply can´t do
So if you think that T-pain is benchmark .. check out this video and go and get the software @ gospel musicians 

Written by simon Tocclo

Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer and Co founder LIberianME

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