S i m o n   T o c c l o

Pulse up arrangement Pulse upp arr 3 Screen shotCountdown for Sipero music ltd recording artist Veronica Hall anticipated debut is down on the last shelving numbers .Here´s some screenshots from one the songs “Pulse up” .I used a lot of analog emulating plugins for this release and I specially want to highlight waves NLS summing plugins as well as Korg MonoPoly which is allower the production .. Other honorable mentions is Noah creamware EX  wich is a beast .. If you find a used one , Buy it .. It´s miles from the usual VST /Au instruments and the minimax (Minimoog clone ) is still the closest thing to the original .All vocals where recorded thru a Bluebird Mic ( My favourite of all times ) thru a Joemeek preamp . Will do a complete run down on some tips and tricks I learned during the recording process . Stay Tuned

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