S i m o n   T o c c l o


Sometimes friends send me photos from way-back .. I wasn´t a frequent photographer when I was young .. I was too busy living my dream and this was way before cellphones and IOS cameras .I´m very thankful for experienced Michael Jackson as support act 1998  , for Representing Sweden on the Swedish music seminar in Tribecca grand NYC 2003 et.c and most of all I´m thankful for all thoose magic recordings moments I had with my Brother Niclas Ternedal (Nic) and people Like Rachelle “Ask About lust ” Luster , Carla CMG , Karryl Special one (RIP) , Goldie (RIP) , Money B (Digital underground ) , Lil larry , No the Piper and Uknown .. my last empire family , Lamonte that could sing like no man I heard before that I linked up with in Bronx , My highschool band “Time” that people to this day still label as a classic band and I had so many fun moments with ..I could turn the list into a book and would  still not hold the whole story . I knew then just as I know now that #IAmMusic

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