Life and Amy


“Today, I choose to embrace the power of choice. I choose to respond instead of react. I choose to have patience with myself and my process. I choose to accept the inevitability that I am going to make mistakes, to forgive myself when I make them, and to see those mistakes not as proof of inadequacy or failure, but as opportunities for learning and growth. I choose to be authentic and embrace who I am. I choose to let go of my negative, self-hating beliefs and to adopt new, self-loving and accepting ones.
I choose to honor my body and its needs, to cherish my body for all that it allows me to do, and to be grateful that I have a body to live in. I choose to be compassionate with myself when I am struggling and to give myself permission to ask for help when I need it. I choose to be honest with myself and the people I trust. I choose to focus on the good in my life instead of drowning myself in the bad.
I choose to sit with uncomfortable feelings instead of turning to self-destructive behaviors – to remind myself that the painful feelings will pass and that just because things feel difficult now doesn’t mean they will be like this forever. I choose to keep getting back up, no matter how many times I fall, and to not let the fear of falling keep me from participating in life. I choose to believe in myself and my ability to heal. I choose love and friendship and laughter. I choose hope. Again, and again, I choose life.”- Daniell Koepke

Ps . Thank you Amy for all inspiration during 2012 #PowerWoman

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