In no particular order .I often use logics own Eq for High and low cut duties .The hybrid Eq is my new favorite .It does what I thought the focusrite Liquid mix would do and it can sound virtually like any EQ combined #Magic .I like the URS Fullteq on drums especially old school hip hop beats .Try to Combine it with Sound Toys Decapitator and Native instruments “The finger ” and I assure you you´ll invent rythms unheard of .The SSL EQ just makes everything sound more alive and closer in the mix and I use it mostly for fitting in acoustic instruments like strings and guitar in a complex mix . The T-rex EQ is exellent on High and Low cut and I also use it to Sweeten the main mix . The EQP1A is a nice Pulteq emulation , It sounds diffent than the URS Fullteq and neither of them sounds like the UAD version but I like it as a analog EQ emulation

Written by simon Tocclo

Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer and Co founder LIberianME

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