4 thoughts on “Introduction to Sipero Music Ltd

  1. Thank you so much for making my day ❤ . I recived a platina plaque for my production for the swedish artist Markoolio .. It was the best selling album in sweden that year and I was one of many that contributed .Glad you like Yah habiti .. it was a song made especially for the middle eastern market

  2. So Yah Habibti was YOUR song? Was this the “platinum” winner? (I am sorry but I know NOTHING about songwriting and going platinum but it sounds like something to be very proud of…) Anyhow I just sat up and said, OMG, when Yah Habibti started…It was like NOTHING I have heard in this country. Really. I don’t know what many of the words meant, of course, but the music was just rocking and the — was it minor key? — I found it incredibly stirring. Congratulations if indeed that is your sound.WOW! Words don’t often leave me, but this was beyond words. I want MORE! I mean it!

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